The North Carolina Chess Association is the official NC state affiliate of the United States Chess Federation.

Current Officers

(Elected 11/6/2016 for a 2-year term)

Office Name Phone Email
President Kevin Hyde 828-749-1625
First Vice President Debs Pedigo
Secretary/Treasurer Wayne H. Spon 301-787-6479
Scholastic Vice President
Venkat Shanmugavadivel
Webmaster* Chacha Nugroho 828-413-0303

*Note: webmaster is not a voting officer, and is appointed not elected.

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USCF Delegates representing NC

  • Kevin Hyde
  • Wayne Spon
  • Debs Pedigo
  • Venkataraja Shanmugavadivel
  • Chacha Nugroho
  • Rudy Abate