SuperNationals Live Games

SuperNationals Live Games

Postby Chacha » Sun May 07, 2017 7:42 pm

Hi all,

Just FYI, that I will help USCF to broadcast Live Games from Nashville, Tennessee from May 12-14. I am not in charge of the whole broadcasting and live coverage as my job role is only DGT Operator, so I can't say "ChessStream will broadcast ...." as I always did in previous other tournaments. I will be one of 3 DGT operators who setup DGT boards and operate them.

But, in return, USCF let me RELAY the games under ChessStream website in my control. And live games will be at: They also link my website from their SuperNationals page. The word relay is a correct use because I am just relaying the games even though so far I am the only party who is willing to relay the games and create nice webpage to navigate the game easily.

I hope you will enjoy the games from SuperNationals next week. So far looking at the entries, we have 198 players from North Carolina, and I hope I will them playing on the top boards on DGT.


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