For Sale: Electronic Chess Set

For Sale: Electronic Chess Set

Postby Sara Walsh » Sat Mar 02, 2019 5:51 pm


I am selling the Millennium electronic chess set and chess link as shown in the below two links. ... -exclusive ... -chesslink

Pros: Small size, LEDs light up the move, easy to set up
Cons: limited chess apps it will connect to but works great with that one app, small size, board only stores one game at a time (annoying) but a chess program hooked up via Bluetooth during the game alleviates that issue.

Dad really liked how the LEDs lit up the move of the computer as he could stay focused on the board rather than having to look elsewhere for the move input.

The board has nothing but 5 star reviews on chesshouse.

But we are going to purchase a full DGT board instead so we can play opponents online.

Retail price (combined): $808
Asking price: $700 firm

I will be bringing it with me to the Ron Simpson Memorial Tournament.

This is PrincessChess signing off. Have a great thinking day!
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