1st Elite Invitational Tournament

1st Elite Invitational Tournament

Postby Chacha » Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:41 am

Congratulations to GM Elshan Moradiabadi and NM Emmanuel Carter for first place tied in Elite Invitational Tournament. Both winning $156 each for first place and second place. In class prize U2200, 4 players Naveen, Benjamin S, Benjamin Y and Ziyang tied for class prize. Public games have been posted:

http://chessstream.com/TournamentGames. ... ileID=7764

If you are interested playing in Elite Invitational Tournament, please message me.


Chacha Nugroho


Due to high demand requests. I will run this first tournament in Triangle Chess Center.


We will have 12 strong players. One GM, Five National Masters, and 6 experts/candidate masters! Average rating is 2193.5!

GM Elshan Moradiabadi (2627). Thank you to him for coming to this invitational tournament. He is one of 2 GMs living in North Carolina, and he is the first #1 top rated player in the state.

NM Aaron Balleisen (2320). Aaron is in town! He is the 2016 K-12 Champion. He had been the top scholastic player before heading to Princeton University for his study. He agreed to come by saying "This sounds like fun! I'm 90% sure I can play". Later on he confirmed.

NM Emmanuel Carter (2263). Emmanuel is also the former K-12 Champion and current co-champion. He won 2017 clear first K-12 Champion, and 2018 K-12 co-champion. He was twice represented NC in Denker National tournament. He is sharp in tactical and short time control. He was second in National G/10 months ago in Charlotte.

NM Oliver Fernando (2241). He just emailed me back today in the last minutes where I was trying to find a sub for NM Craig Jones. He said "I can come if Craig can't make it". We are happy to have him! Thank you.

NM Neo Zhu (2236). Neo is the current #1 scholastic player. He is a former K-5 champion in 2014. He scored 4.5 in 2018 US Masters taking first place prize for U2200 class.

NM Maurice Dana (2205). Last master in the list, but not least. I am sure he will be survive, and sure he will be prepared :)

Alex Chen (2171). Candidate master. Former K-5 Champion, and former K-8 Champion. He agreed to join this invitational because Chacha was not on pre-registered list (wait .. that is Joking :) He is true solid tactical player, his first appearance in US Master and scoring 4.0! telling us that he is solid to play any Masters.

Dereck Laureano (2098). He was the first to reply my email for this invitational. He is happy to be part of it. He is schedule to play again Emmanual Carter on round 1. Last week, he hold Carter drew for tied first in Greensboro Open. Will he do again this time? Or even better. We will see.

Benjamin Snodgrass (2072). Did I mention he was tied second on National G/10 with Carter? Yes, he scored 5/6 and tied for second. His solid game will be tested in this tournament.

Benjamin "Giri" Yan (2048). I remembered a GM said to him "You are stubborn" commenting his game again the GM because it was really hard to beat him. I was watching the game under the engine, and Ben kept the engine on 0.0 draw until last several moves. I am telling you, he is hard to beat. He was Neo's nightmare losing game :)

Naveen Prabhu (2035). The current K-8 Champion. He will do the best to show that he won't be last and he will prepared. I am sure.

Ziyang Qiu (2006). The current K-5 Champion. The youngest, and the visual tactical wizard! He beat 2400+ in National G/10. Watch out! He will be smiling if his opponent got on his trap.

If you can stop by Triangle Chess Center tomorrow 9/1/2018. 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM, you will enjoy all the great games from this invitational tournament!


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