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10 June, 2014

Vishnu Vanapalli is proving himself to be quite the pace setter. This past weekend Vishnu ceded only one draw en route to a very impressive victory over the top six-year-olds in the nation in the national champion. Only New York’s Lucas Foerster-Yialamas could manage to draw Vishnu who had to wait with his coach NM John Lane through a dramatic final round draw between Foerster-Yialamas and Arthur Xu.

Vishnu’s home club the Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy has a write-up at!Vanapalli-Wins-3rd-Annual-ChessKid-Invitational/cnu8/E05519CD-6C9E-403B-86A8-19D8ED78A792

FM Mike Klein also has an even more detailed write-up including game on at

In the middle of the the ChessKid Invitational, the Charlotte Chess Center also hosted an Adult-Only Quad on Saturday. Sulia Mason swept Quad A with a 3+0=0- score. Shawn Spencer and David Richards shared first in Quad B with matching 2+0=1- scores. Marnzell Hand claimed the very tightly contested Quad C with a 2+0=1- score and clear first. Kellie Smith won Quad D with an undefeated 2+1=0- performance which boosted her over 1300 for the first time.

To complement the adult exclusive event at the Chess Center, the CMSCA held it’s Class Championships in Charlotte on the same day.

NM Shawn Pealer presided over six sections of play which drew players as far away as the Triangle. Daniel Cremisi swept the Open section with a 3+0=0- performance. Adharsh Rajagopal won the under 1400 section with another perfect 3+0=0- effort. Rahul Jakati topped the under 1000 section with a 3+1=0- score elevating his rating to over 1000 for the first time. Rahul had established his rating at 469 in August of 2013 so he has averaged picking up about 55 rating points a month over the tenth months since establishing to reach this point. Allan Miller (u750), Richard Sandvoss (u500), and Sahith Tanuboddi (u250) all had perfect 4+0=0- scores to win their division.


Keep your eyes and ears open for more superlative performances in the coming weeks. I can’t be at every tournament but if your can give me a couple of reference points on your events (descriptions of atmosphere of event, key positions, etc. I will be happy to incorporate them into this article.

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