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NC Chess News edition 21 * November 26th, 2014


The big news coming out of North Carolina recently was the Charlotte Chess Center’s Southeastern FIDE Championships held Oct 31-Nov. 2. 28 high rated players converged on the Center battling for a guaranteed $3,100 in prizes. GM Benjamin Finegold traveled down from St. Louis and swept the field with a perfect 5-0 score to claim first place. He was followed by a peloton of six master or future master players, IM Kassa Korley, NM Edward Lu, NM Sam Copeland, FM Peter Bereolos, Reece Thompson, and Aaron Balleisen who each scored 3.5 points.

After the tournament the Center proudly announced that GM Finegold will become the Center’s first resident Grandmaster and the first GM living in North Carolina in eight years.

The Center followed that up by filling the center with Reverse Angle 43 last weekend. A Center record 67 players competed for over $1000 in prizes. NM Klaus Pohl emerged victorious in the open section. Ishaan Maitra, Arturo Suarez, and Alex Griswold also won their sections. A full report by Center director NM Peter Giannatos can be found by clicking here.


Next up….. Gary Maltzman files his report on TACC 22 held November 1st

November 1st -- TACC 22

24 Players - 3 Sections

1) NM Oliver Fernando & Priyav Chandra

2) Linster Simmons (broke 1600) & Stanley Fontaine

3) Nikil Sarin

Welcome to USCF tournament play to Najir Johnson and Henry Hopson


And Michael Tedder reports on the Henderson In House event on November 8th

 Congratulations are in order for Victor Beaman who won the club's championship quad this past Saturday.  Victor's perfect score of 3-0 defeated Ray Hight (1.5), Mike Tedder (1.5), and Rudy Abate.   Victor drives in from Greenville to participate in many club events and usually makes a strong showing in all of them.  We are proud to have VB as our club champion!

  John Wehrenberg and Stan Fontaine tied for first in the open section also held on Saturday.

  Remember, we have one more open tournament scheduled for this year on December 6.  It is open to all USCF members and will be held in the fellowship hall of the First United Methodist Church in Henderson.  Hope to see you there,


Other winners in recent events include:

Asheboro Open XCIV - (42 players) November 8th, 2014…. DIV I: Jonathon McNeill…. DIV II: Tobin Logan….. DIV III: Gary Andrews….. DIV IV: William Odom

Turkeys in Hendersonville - (14 players) November 8th, 2014…. DIV I: NM Klaus Pohl…. DIV II: Wayne Spon

CMSCA Jr. Open - (145 players, Charlotte) November 8th, 2014…. U21: Daniel Cremisi and Lorenzo Carter…. U17: Lucas Kabasakalian….. U13: Gautam Kapur….. U11: Pradhyumna Kothapalli and Ojas Panda…. U9: Benjamin Proffitt

REACT IX - (21 players, Raleigh) November 15th, 2014: Alexander Villafuerte and Markus Petters

Charlotte Fall Scholastic (45 players) November 15th, 2014….. DEEP THINKERS: Pradhyumna Kothapalli….. EXPRESS: Micah Baldonado, Alex Rambo-Navarrete, Zachary Greek

Master Trek LXXXVII - (82 players, Durham) November 22, 2014…. OPEN: Aaron Balleisen…. A: Perry Tseng….. B: Jacob Valentine…. C: Elliot Adamson…. D: Noah Triplett…. E: Charles Roederer….. F: Anna Benjamin….. G: Tate Duensing



The Carolina Cobras completed their record season with a record of 3.5/10 after a 3-1 loss to the playoff bound St. Louis Archbishops. IM Kassa Korley impressed with his effort against world top ten player GM Wesley So, but could not quite secure a score.


NM Joshua Mu became the third Cobra this year and sixth in team history to defeat a Grandmaster in the league when he defeated GM Ben Finegold on board two with the black pieces. Also of note is that NM Craig Jones is tied for fourth place in league history with GM Daniel Naroditsky in game points with 24.


Our new achievers this issue include:

Player                                       .

Achievement   .


Neo Zhu


Master Trek 87

Ishaan Maitra


Reverse Angle 43

Arthur Lewis


Triangle Chess Team vs Team Nov. 2014

Evan Zhang


Wilmington Chess Club Scholastic

Linster Simmons



Berk Baykal


Reverse Angle 43

Bruce Baker


Smoky Mtn Chess Club Baker’s Swiss

Arturo Suarez


Reverse Angle 43

Jusung Park


Master Trek 87

Rolando Dorbecker


CMSCA Jr. Open

Wilson Rayfield


Veterans’ Day in Hendersonville

Naveen Prabhu


Triangle Chess League

Alex Griswold


Reverse Angle 43

Varun Varadarajan


Wilmington Chess Club Scholastic

Andrew Chang


CMSCA Junior Open

Jacob Valentine


Master Trek 87

Best Regards,

Jeff “Pig” Jones

Vice-President NCCA