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NC Chess News edition 22 * December 18th, 2014

Congratulations are in order for the following North Carolinian’s who achieved top five finishes at the National K-12 Championships this past weekend in Orlando, FL

10th Grade

Kireet Panuganti


9th Grade

Daniel Cremisi



Arav Goldsein



The main event of the past few week in North Carolina was the ACC Cash Your Checks event held at the Durham Convention Center November 28th-30th, 2014. This ambitious entry into the North Carolina Chess scene by the Western United States’ premier affiliate, Bay Area Chess put forth a $6,000 prize fund (60% of the originally offered $10,000) for those who could fight off the holiday food coma.

The event started off with a one-day Friday afternoon Open and Youth event. IM Jonathan Schroer bested the field of 14 to win the event with four straight wins.  Lev Zilberter finished in clear behind Schroer.  Three youth side events took place across the ballroom as Ojas Patwardhan won the Youth 800+ tournament. The under 800 event was split by Kai Forbach, Benjamin Tarpey, Parker Hall, and the debuting Joseph Bostic. The final event for players under 400 saw four co-winners as well as Charles Roederer, Ryan Maitra, Giacomo Hardin, and Robbie Edmonds shared top honors. Morehead Montessori took the top team prize and Parkwood Middle won the first chess trophy in school history.

The main event started later Friday evening with 56 participants. After two rounds NM Nadi Bozkurt was the only perfect score as FM Robin Cunningham knicked tournament top-seed IM Jonathan Schroer for a draw. Schroer overtook Bozkurt in the third round and dispatch Aaron Balleisen in round four before drawing with Daniel Cremisi in the final round. Cunningham, who took a bye in round four, could have tied Schroer with a final round win over Bozkurt, but Bozkurt, needing the game to push his rating over 2400 as fate would have it, scored the full points and became a senior master in the process. Youngster Emmanuel Carter won his last two games to stake his claim to the share of second.

Thomas Adams used his home court advantage to win four of his five games and tie for first in the Under 2000 with Virginian Bryant Lohr. Chacha Nugroho took a break for his chess tech work to waltz through the Under 1700 section for clear first with four wins and a last round draw. Virginia tournament newcomer Eric Tollerson took second with four points. Young Larry Chen finished with the only perfect score in the main event winning the Under 1400 section.

Due to the deep prize list and light turnout 66% of the field received a payout. Full standings for the main event can be found at Key games will be forthcoming once I can get them to work on their site.


Michael Tedder reports on the HVCC tournament on December 6th.

We had a total of 22 players for our open event held last Saturday. Local expert and former NC Champ John Smithwick dominated the Open section with a perfect score of 3-0. Jacob Garner also had a perfect 3-0 score to win the U1400 section and boost his USCF rating to 1402. Anthony Swaringen claimed the 1st place trophy in the U1000 scholastic section.

  Our next event will be our club scholastic championship to be held on the Monday MLK Day holiday, January 19. Our top four scholastic players will square off in a round robin quad.  We will also hold a club, 3 round Swiss open, to all members as part of that event.  A club business meeting is scheduled between rounds of this tournament. Watch for more details later.


The Charlotte Mecklenberg Scholastic Chess Association held it’s Grade Championships on December 13th with over 200 participants. The following students won their divisions:

K-12: Emmanuel Carter * K-8: Carson Cook * K-7: Jeremy Chen * K-6: Jacob Grinberg * K-5 Dylan Kabasakalian and Ethan Yen * K-4 Colin Roop * K-3 Ojas Panda, Andrew Lord, and Ayush Bharti * K-2 Benjamin Williams and Jake Baugh * K-1 Noah Sari


New School Parents Play For Free (Holy Springs)  * Dec. 6th

Div I: Bill Dearmey and Shamsul Shaikh * Div II: Kaycee Dearmey, Yogya Koneru, Dustin Hughes, and Kai Forbach * Div III: Sanya Raynoe * Div IV: Rebekah White * Div V: Arav Goldstein and Madeline Schafer


Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy G/60 * Dec. 6th

OPEN: NM Klaus Pohl * U1700 Austin Chuang and Andrew Chen * U1400 Sathvik Chatta


Snowflakes in Hendersonville * Dec. 13th

Div I: NM Klaus Pohl * Div II: Ronald Dean


Greensboro Open VII * Dec 13

CHAMPIONS: FM Robin Cunningham and Jay Goss * CANDIDATES: Derek Chen * CLUB: Benjamin Yan * BOOSTER: Christopher Cook


Our new achievers this issue include:

Player                                       .

Achievement   .


NM Nadi Bozkurt


ACC Cash Your Checks

Chacha Nugroho


ACC Cash Your Checks

Benjamin Yan


ACC Cash Your Checks

Andrew Chen



Larry Chen


ACC Cash Your Checks

Jacob Garner



Naveen Prabhu


ACC Cash Your Checks

Justin Su


ACC Cash Your Checks

Sahith Tanuboddi



Jacob Grinbrerg


CMSCA Grade Championships

Best Regards,

Jeff “Pig” Jones

Vice-President NCCA