NC Chess News

Edition 23 - February 17, 2015 (edited February 26, 2015)


We would like to congratulate the following players who won state championships this past weekend at the North Carolina K-12 Championships in Charlotte.

Steve Wang.jpg

Suhas Madiraju.jpeg

Alexander Tong.jpeg

James Dill.jpeg

ANdrew Chen.jpg

Matias Shundi.jpeg

Berk Baykal.jpg

K-8 co-champion not pictured: Eelya Sefat (Randolph Middle School, Charlotte, NC)

Alex Chen.jpeg

Vishnu Vanapalli.jpeg

Alfred Ye.jpeg


The NCCA would also like to congratulate Aaron Balleisen, Emmanuel Carter, and Daniel Cremisi for earning their National Master certificates back in December. Congratulations are also in order for Rudy Abate for achieving his Associate National Tournament Director license.