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edition 4 * 25 June, 2014

This past weekend the center of attention for “Open chess” was Bennett College for the fourth running of the Greensboro Open. The recently revamped Greensboro Chess Club led by president Scott McInnis has done a very impressive job with a consistently strong turnout averaging more than 58 participants per event. It’s a strong testament to Scott and the club’s membership on how well organized and cooperative they have been in their efforts to build such a consistently strong event.

The June 21st event hosted 55 players who were divided into four sections. Division I was won by NM Kevin Mo, a Pennsylvanian currently studying at Duke. Philip Billings of Traphill, NC won Division II. Division III was the only one that produced split winners as youngsters Aidan Moran-Bates of Holly Springs and Benjamin Yan of Cary shared first place. Division IV was taken by Winston Stalker of Virginia. All of the winners scored 3+0=0- scores.


The Chess Achieves  organization held an individuals event at Davis Drive Middle the following day which brought out 101 participants. Section winners included:

Division I: Priyav Chandna 3+0=0-

Division II: Brian Liang, Nikhil Sarin, Keerthan Gill, and Danny Xia 2 points each in a draw filled section

Division III: Jude Pasulka 3+0=0-

Division IV: Austin Yao , Rohun Gargya 3+0=0-

Division V: Isaac Zhu 3+0=0-

Division VI: Sohil Gargya 3+0=0-

Division VII: Jorgen Rebertson 3+1=0-

Division VIII: Ryan Boat 3+0=0-

Division IX: Benjamin Yang, Jason Cobb 2+1=0-

Division X: Zane Taylor 3+0=0-

Division XI: Justin Pasulka , Gabriel Pasulka 2+1=0-

Division XII: Grace Pasulka , Jodanica Inigo 3+0=1-

Division XIII: Liam Nguyen 3+0=0-


Several North Carolinians participate in Emory University’s annual All-Star chess camp the Castle Chess Camp. Two from the Charlotte area won their sections. Daniel Cremisi tied for first in the Expert section with an undefeated 3+2=0- performance. Not to be outdone, Alexander Tong dominated the Class B  section with a perfect 5+0=0- score. James Dill of Holy Springs finished clear second behind Tong with a 3+2=0- score.


As far as the rating milestones this week. Austin Yao’s Division IV trimuph at the Chess Achieves event pushed him over 1000 for the first time. Joshua Doolittle of Charlotte gained the 1100 rating for the first times after his results in the Charlotte Chess Center’s Tuesday Night Action III.

Now we come to our first two “serial climbers” on the list who have reached a second milestone since this article started. Three weeks ago Adharsh Rajagopal of Charlotte cleared 1300 and this past week he took another step forward leaping over 1400 at the Tuesday Night Action III. His rating has jumped 212 points between the June and July supplements.

While  Benjamin Yan’s rating did not hit the July supplement, his current streak puts him on the climbers’ list for the second straight week as his effort in Greensboro pushed him over 1400 for the first time.


I would like to take a moment to thank Nadi Bozkurt  who won the REACT last week. Nadi provides thorough analysis of all four of his games from the REACT on the View Chess website. 


I am always happy to add pictures, critical game positions, and links to games to make this article better. If you want to send me any of these, please e-mail me at coachpigjones-at-aol-dot-com.

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Jeff “Pig” Jones