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edition 5 * 2 July, 2014

The weekend of June 28th was a rather light weekend by North Carolina chess standards. Perhaps this was in part due to a number of players forgoing local events in preparation of the upcoming World Open in Virginia. Nonetheless there were two “Open” events held on Saturday, June 28th.


NM Craig Jones hosted the 82nd edition of the Master Trek at Durham Academy’s Lower School in Durham. 57 players filled out 6 sections in this event.

For the second straight week Duke student NM Kevin Mo swept all three games in the Open division. Unlike last week though he had some company as Burlington’s John Thompson III upset two high end experts en route to a share of the first prize. Burlington’s Charles Roberson took the Candidates section all for himself with a 3+0=0- score as well.

In the scholastic divisions, Morgan Chu of Morrisville won Division A by a point and a half with a 3+0=0- showing. Chapel Hill’s Keerthan Gill won Division B with a 3+1=0- effort. A pair of Durham Academy students split Division C with Jack Tendler (2+2=0-) and Jacob Valentine (3+0=1) sharing honors. Division D saw a three-way merry-go-round as Varnika Kasu, Nicholas Credle, and James Valentine all tallied 4+0=1- scores.


NM Patrick Sciacca hosted the third East Charlotte Octads on the same day. NM Shawn Pealer led the charge in the tournament’s only section with a 3+0=0- score. Kireet Panuganti, Joseph Rafferty, and Michael Trott all split second with 2+0=1- results.


Four players achieved new ratings achievements for the first time this week as well.


Rating Level


Emmanuel Carter (14 years old)


Charlotte Chess Club

Joseph Rafferty (established his rating and then pushed it even higher the next tournament)


East Charlotte Octads III

Morgan Chu (10 years old)


Marter Trek LXXXII

Alfred Ye (6 years old)


Master Trek LXXXII


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