From the Pig's Pen

edition 10 * August 6th, 2014

A few months ago the hotel where the US Open was scheduled closed down and the USCF had to move the annual convention and tournament to Orlando, FL….. home as you know of the “Happiest Place on Earth” Disney World. Charlotte’s Patrick McCartney certainly must have found his happy place during the tournament as he weaved his way through the field only losing one gameand finishing with 6.5 points while facing several masters along the way. As a result Patrick shared the first place class prize and pocketed $1480 dollars. Also his rating popped back over 2100 to an all-time high of 2155. Christopher Tavernier or Hendersonville won prizes in both the main event and the blitz tournament splitting a class C prize in the Open and a class B prize in the blitz.


Meanwhile this weekend the Charlotte Chess Center hosted their 40th edition of the Reverse Angle series. 51 competitors dueled in three section of this hard fought event. Three National Masters, Sam Copeland, Dominique Myers, and Klaus Pohl all scored 2.5 points to divvy up the Open section prizes. A slightly larger group of of gladiators tied for first in the Under 1800 section as Damon Smith, Bruce Roth, Suraj Madiraju, and Bruce Goodwin all tallied 2.5 points to win the division. The only clear winner came from the Under 1400 section as Ayman bin Azihan led the pack with 2.5 points. NM Peter Giannatos was the chief TD of this event.


On the same day the Cary Cafe was the scene for the Triangle Area Chess Club mini-tournament served up by Gary Maltzman. 26 players took part in two “War Games” each with the hopes of playing a “Fair Game” or two. Keith Carson won both of his games to win the “Crosby Division”. Alex Chen was able to “Live It Up” to win both of his games in the “Stills” division. And Perry Tseng and Lucas Wollenzien decrees that this was “Our House” in winning the “Nash Division.”


The only scholastic event this weekend took place in Greensboro as Kevin Chen directed the 4th Gate City Scholastic. Twelve youths battles in two divisions with Derek Chen scoring a perfect score in Division A. Division B saw a logjam at the top with Rahul Jakati, Eric Wang, Jacob Valentine, and Tate Aycock all tallying three wins in four games.

Three players jumped up to new half-class rating levels this week:


Rating Level


Lorenzo Carter


Charlotte Chess Club

Jason Chamberlain



Berk Baykal


Gate City Scholastic

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