Triangle Area Chess Club

aka Borders Chess Club
Where Dual Sites
Triangle Chess Center
5920 S Miami Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560
Most Saturdays there is open play or a tournament at the Triangle Chess Center (TCC) which is about a 1/2 mile away from the McDonalds from 1-5pm. Most of the players have migrated there. On days where there are tournaments being played it is probably better to play at McCafe if you are not playing in the tournament.

McDonalds (McCafe)

5507 South Miami Blvd in Durham (Intersection of S. Miami Blvd and Page Road)

What We invite the public to stop by for friendly chess games. All skill levels are welcome. If you are new to chess, we will gladly help you learn the basics. Please bring a chess set an clock if possible. No fees or obligations. Come exercise your mind, meet new friends, and enjoy playing the world's most popular board game.
When 2-6 pm
some folks like to start earlier or stay later
Open play at TCC is normally only 1 to 5
Info Gary Maltzman

5/15/2017: Dual sites. Folks are now playing most Saturdays at the TCC. We are keeping the McCafe as a alternate site for days the TCC is not available or for folks who want to meet up early or stay late. On days there are tournaments, it is best for those not playing to be at McCafe so as not to bother the folks playing in the tournament. Tournaments run by TCC usually are the first Saturday of the month and ones run by TACC will be there on the off Saturdays. We could even  do a last minute one there.

Always check your e-mails on Saturdays for last minute announcements of tournaments.

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