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October 22, 2014 (K12) Hunter Quest IV

October 25, 2014 (K12) TMSA - Halloween Chess - Challenge IV

October 25, 2014 (OPEN) CCCSA: Reverse Angle 42

October 25, 2014 (K12) WNC HALLOWEEN

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On Saturday October 4 the NCCA held its annual business meeting. The meeting elected officers for the period of 2014-2016. Congratulations to:

Kevin Hyde : President
Jeff Jones : Vice President
Venkataraja (Venkat) Shanmugavadivel : Scholastic Vice President
Tom Kabasakalian : Secretary/Treasurer

Thanks to all those who participated and to NM Pat Sciacca and Sara Walsh for their candidacy and interest in being involved. Minutes will be posted on the Admin page for those who could not attend.

North Carolina Closed Championship

The North Carolina Closed Championship was also held October 3rd-5th. Congratulations to State Co-Champions NM Chris Mabe and NM Dominique Myers as well as all of the other Class winners and participants for making this a great event. For a full rundown of the tournament, games and video see the following recap.

NC Chess News

edition 19 * October 17th, 2014

The last couple of weeks have been quite eventful for the chess players of North Carolina. We crowned our state champions a couple of weeks ago with LM Chris Mabe and NM Dominique Myers sharing the title in Charlotte.

We also saw one of the most ambitious events in US Chess history as Maurice Ashley and Amy Lee offered up the Millionaire Chess Open in Las Vegas. Three North Carolinians participated in the first Open chess event in history with a $1 million dollar purse. Josh Lawson of Greensboro secured the best result of the three by finishing in a tie for 7th in the Under 2200 section and winning $1000. (Games from this event will be forthcoming.)

Raleigh’s Leonardo Sotaridona and Greensboro’s Christopher Prados also cashed in the under 1800 section with Leonard tying for 18th with 4.5 points and Christopher scoring 4 points and a 36th place tie.


Greensboro Open VI, 52 players, October 11, 2014

CHAMPIONS: IM Kassa Korley

CANDIDATES: Ali Mizazadeh

CLUB: Stephen Kurtz

BOOSTER: Cameron Goode, Reece Neff


Saturday in Hendersonville, 17 players, October 11, 2014

UPPER: LM Klaus Pohl, Claude Corbett, Jan Blasenak

LOWER: Keshav Kumar, Richard Thomas


The New School Montessori Parents PLay For Free, 21 players, October 12, 2014

D I: Venkat Shanmugavadivel

D II: Tyler Xia, Triya Venkataraja

D III: Danny Xia

D IV: Landon Hall



The Carolina Cobras were reeling after several close losses and a difficult sweeping at the hands of the Atlanta Kings. The Cobras fortunes have picked up and win a couple of good results in the last two weeks, they are now within striking distance of the Kings for the third playoff spot in the South Division of the US Chess League.

On October 8th, the Cobras faced a late-night cross country battle with the Seattle Sluggers. THe Cobras got off to a good start thanks to NM Joshua Mu who converted a very tricky bishop and knight vs rook middlegame against NM Roland Feng.

Nadi Bozkurt.jpgjoshua_mu.jpgandrey_chumachenko.jpg

Mu was later joined by NM Nadi Bozkurt who rope-a-doped FM Curt Collyer on board two before winning a piece on a tactic and the finishing the endgame. IM Kassa Korley secured the win for the Cobras with a draw on board one.

The following week the Cobras met with South Division rival the Connecticut Dreadnaughts. Bozkurt and NM Kevin Mo drew their games on boards three and four. GM Oliver Barbosa put the Dreadnaughts ahead with a victory on top board against Korley. So it was up to FM Andrey Chumachenko to salvage the draw in the match….. and salvage he did with a keen victory over FM Leif Pressman.

The Cobras will next play the Philadelphia Inventors on Wednesday October 22nd at 7PM. Individuals are welcome to watch the Cobras live at the Triangle Chess Center at 5920 S. Miami Blvd. Ste. 203 in Durham.


There were a ton of new rating levels achieved over the past couple of weeks.

Player                                       .

Achievement   .


Josh Lawson


Millionaire Chess (Las Vegas, NV)

Xiaodong Jin


NC Closed

Solomon Pointer


NC Closed

Neil Deshpande


Saturday in Hendersonville

Ali Mirzazadeh


Greensboro Open VI

Matthew Klassa


NC Closed

Venkat Shanmugavadivel


The New School October 2014

Andrew Wall


Greensboro Open VI

Berk Baykal


Greensboro Open VI

Hongping Dai


Triangle Chess October 5th, 2014

Kevin Xi


NC Closed

Aditya Shivapooja


NC Closed

Afif Rahman


Triangle Chess October 5th, 2014

Nicole Rafferty


Triangle Chess October 5th, 2014

Hrishrika Raychoudhury


NC Closed

Dustin Hughes


Triangle Chess October 5th, 2014

I do apologize to Josh Lawson who submitted games from the Millionaire tournament. I am having some difficulties getting those games online but anticipate being able to fix the problem tomorrow. I do want to thank him for the contributions and a supplemental edition of this newsletter will come out when i can get this fixed.  I am playing a little bit of catch up on this article as taking over as Vice President of the NCCA as well as getting stuff together for the Triangle Chess League has occupied a lot of my free time. Having said that I would encourage organizers to write or assign someone to write articles on your events. Someone who is on-site and dedicated to one tournament will likely do a much greater service to the players of the tournaments with his/her descriptions of the proceedings.


Best Regards,

Jeff “Pig” Jones

Vice-President NCCA

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