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August 28-31, 2014 (OPEN) Greensboro International Chess Festival


On Saturday October 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm sharp we will be having our NCCA annual business meeting. This will be on the weekend of the NC Closed Class Championship. At this meeting we will elect our 2014-2016 officers. Hope to see you all there for the meeting and the tournament. Sincerely, Rudy Abate, NCCA President

The nominating committee will be nominating the following for these positions:

President : Kevin Hyde
Vice President : Jeff Jones
Scholastic Vice President : Venkataraja (Venkat) Shanmugavadivel
Secretary/Treasurer : Tom Kabasakalian

US Masters and NC Open Live Coverage!

Greensboro International Chess Festival

From the Pig's Pen

This edition is dedicated to the memory of 1992 state co-champion NM Daniel Liu.

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edition 13 * August 27th, 2014

With the North Carolina Open and US Masters coming up over 100 combatants took up armaments in the form of tiny plastic or wooden pieces in a final tune up.

NM Craig Jones hosted the 84th edition of the Durham Academy Master Trek series in Durham this past Saturday. 70 individual took part in this event which was divided into seven sections. Amazingly enough there were no perfect scores as the fierce competition led to everyone receiving at least a flesh wound.

The Open Division was won by FM Robin Cunningham and Aaron Balleisen who both tallied 2.5 points. Peter Crowley, Alex Chen, Stanley Fontaine, and Christopher Chaves all tangled together atop the Booster Division with 2.5 points each as well. Jiyoung Park and Evan Zhang split their point and the section title in Division A. Lukas Dannull won clear first by winning his first two games and taking a last round bye in Division B. William Barrett and James Valentine score four wins in five tries to share honors in Division C. Tommy Koeplinger and Kai Forbach did the same in Division D. Andrew Arcidiacono had the high winning percentage with four wins and a draw in Division E.


There were two events in Charlotte this weekend. Twelve open level players converged on the east side of town for the East Charlotte Octads. Tournament director NM Patrick Sciacca won all three of his games to claim first prize in the Open Octad section. Kireet Panuganti and Phillip Billings shared second. Thomas Marley swept the Quad section in his forst rated tournament.


The Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy hosted its Back to School Scholastic on the same day. The under 1500 group title saw three co-champions as Pradhyumna Kothapalli, Andrew Chen, and Carson Cook crossed the finish line in a dead heat. Darwin Heo left no doubt in the under 1000 section, leaving Aditya Shivapooja, Maxim Nemecek, Karthik Dundigalla, and Sheerabdhi Niranjan a few lengths behind.

A few more players raised the bar for themselves this week.


Rating Level


Jiyoung Park


Master Trek LXXXIV

Evan Zhang


Master Trek LXXXIV

Gautam Kapur


CCCSA: Back to School Schol.

Best Regards,

Jeff “Pig” Jones

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Accepting Bids

The following are the tournaments the NCCA will  accept bids  for the 2013-2015 years. Please look at the bidding process on the ADMIN Tab of the NCCA web page :

2015 NC K-12 SCHOLASTIC STATE CHAMPIONSHIP (Feb-March 2015)  BD 8/1/2014 


(Approx. Tournament Dates)

BD = Bidding Deadline