DateName & InformationLocationK-12 GP
Nov 23 - 27, 2022 US MastersCharlotteno
Nov 25 - 27, 2022NC Open Charlotteno
Dec 3, 2022 FAYCOFayettevilleno
Dec 4, 2022Carolinas G/30 Fayettevilleno
Dec 7, 2022Blitz kNight Greensborono
Dec 10, 2022 PACO Greenvilleno
Dec 11, 2022Carolinas G/30 Fayettevilleno
Dec 14, 2022Blitz kNight Greensborono
Dec 16-18, 20222022 NC SeniorsBurlingtonno
Dec 17, 2022Prepaze G/25 d5 Morrisvilleno
Dec 17,2022FAYCO Fayettevilleno
Dec 18, 2022Carolinas G/30 Fayettevilleno
Dec 21, 2022Quick G/15Greensborono
Jan 14-16, 2023 Charlotte Open Charlotte no
Jan 21, 2023Prepaze G/25 d5 Morrisvilleno
Feb 3-5, 2023Land Of The SkyAshevilleno
Feb 11, 2023PACO Greenvilleno
Feb 18, 2023Prepaze G/25 d5 Morrisvilleno
March 18, 2023Prepaze G/25 d5 Morrisvilleno

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