Chess Instructors

The following are active chess teachers in North Carolina and surrounding states.
Current members of the North Carolina Chess Association may advertise on this page at no charge.

Bernard Baker – Charlotte area

“I have been teaching chess to adults and children for the past six years. I currently instruct at several private schools and tutor several students who are getting better every day. I have noticed that I work best with 400 to 1500 rated players. Please let me know if you are interested.”

Email: Bernard Baker
Website: Charlotte Chess Lessons

Peter Giannatos – Charlotte area

Peter is a National Master in the state of North Carolina. Both individual and group instruction in the Charlotte, NC area are offered.

Email: Peter Giannatos
Website: Charlotte Chess Center

Fabio A. Hurtado – Charlotte/Concord area

“I have coached two South Florida school teams to FIRST PLACE (Under 1200 Section) at K-12 Nationals. Along with more than 10 years of experience coaching, I am a certified TD, an 1800-rated player, and an English teacher at Cannon School in Concord.”

“I only take a handful of private players at a time so you can expect an individualized teaching plan along with reasonable rates. I will travel to your home if desired. Individual lessons best for players USCF rated 100-1200. I also run a Chess Camp for two weeks at Cannon School for beginners.”

Email: Fabio A. Hurtado

Jessica Martin – Charlotte

Jessica Martin has been teaching chess for over 10 years both in public schools and privately in AZ, NYC, and now Charlotte. She is currently ranked 84th woman in the U.S. Her approach is student-centered, and her lessons are tailored to fit the skill level of the student. All ages welcome.

Email: Jessica Martin
Website: Over The Chess Board

IM Dean Ippolito – Charlotte

I started my teaching business 21 years ago after playing professionally for several years. Since then, my organization has taught over 50,000 students and I have personally taught over 30,000.

Email: Dean Ippolito
Website: Dean of Chess

Dr. Henry Hasman – Chapel Hill

Henry is a certified FIDE chess instructor.

Email: Dr. Henry Hasman

Smart Moves Early Learning Chess – Chapel Hill

Smart Moves’ preschool and community center program brings a variety of unique teaching tools to each session and uses fun outside activities to teach the basics of chess to children ages 3 to 7. Preschool sessions are conveniently held at the school’s playground during regular business hours. Community center programs are offered according to the community center’s schedule. Smart Moves makes it easy for parents to get involved by sending out regular updates and lesson summaries.

Email: Bryan and Beth Shepherd
Website: Smart Moves Chess

GM Elshan Moradiabadi – Durham

A curious chess coach with a customized method. A great deal of emphasize on middle game and endgame. My expertise is at helping players who are stuck at a certain level.
I have been teaching chess since 2003. FIDE Trainer since 2011. I have trained players who achieved titles (4 IMs, 2 WGMs ).I also have trained over 350 players ranged from 1200-2650. FST level courses. Group and individual classes.

Website: GM Elshan Moradiabadi

Triangle Chess – Triangle Area

Triangle Chess is introducing chess to youth; we help kids achieve more through chess. Chess gives kids confidence that carries over to many other pursuits. Reading and math skills of children who play chess consistently soar. Their social skills increase substantially with respect to playing fairly, courage in facing difficult situations or opponents, and the patience needed for exceptional timing. Troubled youth benefit from chess with increased interest in learning and a reduction of performance-distracting outbursts.

Phone: (919) 272-8017
Email: Bill Clausen
Website: Triangle Chess

NM Russell “Rusty” Potter – Roanoke, Virginia

TOP QUALITY BARGAIN CHESS LESSON BY PHONE. The Mid-Atlantic Chess Instruction Center is the best in the business, with nearly 40 years of experience teaching chess. Adult students are our specialty. We offer 32 different courses, as well as individual game analysis. Center Director: Life Master Russell Potter, three-time Virginia Champion. Start your road to chess mastery today. Call (540) 344-4446. Please leave your name and telephone number if we are unavailable when you call.

Phone: (540) 344-4446

Chacha Nugroho – Durham / Chapel Hill

Chacha Nugroho was one of the chess coaches and chess coordinators of Seawell Elementary School and Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill (2011 – 2015). He has several private students who are taking lessons from him. He is also the founder of Chess Stream. A website that helps chess organizers to stream chess tournaments for a better internet audience. Chacha has small groups of students who learn chess together at their houses and he is looking to expand his groups. Good for students in 300-1000 level rating. Because Chacha is 10 years professional computer programmer, he is also open to computer programming lessons for kids who want to start learning programming in different platforms like Scratch or Code Academy. Please free to contact him for your convenience schedules.

Email: Chacha Nugroho
Website: Chess Stream

Euron’s Chess Coaching – Guilford County

I have 10+ years of chess coaching experience, from one on one lessons of all ages to scholastic competitors in high school and middle school. My approach puts together concepts that are easy to learn and apply because they are tailored to the student’s learning style, strengths and chess goals.
Currently focusing on online lessons via phone, Skype or Discord
Email: Tony Sanders Jr.
Phone: (336)-926 5634

More information:

Josh Lawson – Greensboro

With over 15 years of chess teaching experience, I can make chess fun and interesting to learn! I have taught and developed chess curriculums in the public school system, conducted lectures and simuls at USCF Affiliated Chess Clubs, and even have given lectures and simuls in prisons. I have been playing tournament chess since I was 12 years old and achieved my USCF Expert title in 2010. Currently, I am rated 2118 and looking to achieve my Master title. I have been ranked in the top 30 in the state for many years and I am ranked in the top 3% of players in the country. I offer lessons in person and online via lichess platform. Contact me for rates and more information.
Email: Josh Lawson
Phone: (336)-253-3313
More information: Chess Coach Josh Lawson

Tim A. Hanks – Hickory

Tim Hanks is a retired Electrical Engineering Manager now retired after 42 years working in the Aerospace Industry. He’s a National Master with over 37 years as a chess instructor, mentor, and coach. Tim is the founder of the Hanks Chess Academy and teaches chess nationally to students online every Thursday using Zoom and Lichess. Tim mentors and offers chess instruction at the Lenoir Chess Club on Tuesday nights. He conducts lectures and simuls at clubs, senior centers, schools, and recreation centers and is available for online or in-person private instruction. Tim is also a Professional Photographer and offers his services at major chess events regionally and all around the country.

Phone: (562)-719-5020
Email: Tim A. Hanks


IM Jonathan Schroer – Dragon Knight Chess – Morrisville

Contact: International Master (IM) Coach Jonathan Schroer, (919) 422-2535,, Website:
IM Coach Jonathan Schroer has coached thousands of NC students since 1993, mostly thru youth services.  Dragon Knight Chess formed February 2022.