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July 2024

Dragon Knight Sunday Scholastic Quads

A 3-6 round "quad" US Chess rated tournament open to all scholastic (K-12) players. Quads group players by their skill level. This is a chance to play 3-6 rated (regular and quick) games each Sunday afternoon! Each Sunday at 1:30pm Dragon Knight Chess Center 2000 Bearcat Way Suite 104 Morrisville, NC 27560 (919) 422-2535 3-6 round (Single or Double) Quad Round Robin sections First place trophy in each 4 player section. Team trophy to top school overall. Other prizes will also be awarded. Free Entry Policy: Free entry is offered to scholastic (K-12) players who have a current "live Over The Board (OTB)" US Chess rating of 1200+. No exceptions. To get free entry, players must register online by the day before the event (6pm Saturday evening). If you register for free but must cancel, email or text (919) 422-2535 by 12:30pm (one hour before Round 1 of the quad). Players receiving free entry are not permitted to withdraw mid-quad, without permission from all other players in their quad. Free entry players who withdraw mid-quad (without permission) will not be eligible for free entry in future Dragon Knight Chess quads. US Chess membership required; Dragon Knight Chess will use vouchers to create new scholastic memberships. US Chess is the governing body of chess in the United States. US Chess conducts all rating calculations for players. Time Control: Above USCF 800 sections G/45; delay 5 (3 games): Each player receives 45 minutes (plus a 5 second delay each move) to complete each game. USCF U800 sections G/25; delay 5 (3-6 games): Each player receives 25 minutes (plus a 5 second delay each move) to complete each game. Onsite registration Noon-1pm day of tournament. How it Works: Players must register weekly. Quads: Players are placed into groups of 4 by their most recent "live" US Chess regular rating. (Minor section shifts are possible, to avoid family member pairings.) 3-6 rated games each Sunday afternoon Each Sunday afternoon is limited to the first 40 players to register. Entries are first registered, first served. Quads are for K-12 students only. IMPROVE - Game analysis and blitz with Dragon Knight Chess coaches IM Jonathan Schroer and Paul Ascolese (peak FIDE rating 2275)
14 Jul
1:25 PM

Chess Klub Ballantyne Rapid Rally

                                                                           Rapid Rally   at the   Ballantyne Chess […]
21 Jul
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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